April 6, 2017

Questions to ask your Woodland Games camper (Thursday)

If you’re curious about what your child has been up to in camp this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

  • We have played a mix of loud running woodland games and quiet sneaky woodland games this week.  Which do you like better? Is one harder than the other?  Why?
  • The group took advantage of the warm temperatures and explored the water Tuesday and Wednesday.  We found a lot of crayfish! How do you catch a crayfish properly?  What sizes were the crayfish you found?  What did they look like?  
  • Story-telling is one of our favorite things at Schoolhouse of Wonder.  The counselors tell a mix of folktales and true stories from their own childhood.  What has been your favorite story so far this week? Which counselor shared the story?  Was it a true story or a folktale?