March 27, 2018

Questions to Ask Your Accept the Challenge Camper-Tuesday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…
1) Monday we took on 3 team challenges. What were the challenges?  Which one was the easiest? Which one was the hardest?  What was your favorite challenge?
2) We love it when we see campers making new friends! Did you meet any new friends this week?  What are their names?  How did you meet them?  (Hint: We are still working on names but a lot of friendships were formed during fort-building, hiking, and our challenges.) 
3) Tuesday was our animal challenge day. What animals did the group find?  What tools did we use to find the animals?  
Bonus Accept The Challenge Would You Rathers:  Would you rather have to climb up a tall mountain barefoot or sleep every night for a month wearing your shoes?  Would you rather have the ability to wake up knowing one new skill every morning for the rest of your life (but you wouldn’t be able to choose the skill) or wake up tomorrow with 20 new skills that you got to choose yourself?