July 12, 2018

Questions to Ask Your River Rangers Camper – Thursday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

TURTLE CAMP (Carson’s Group) 

  1. During these hot days, we’ve had extra water time. Where did you hike to for water time? Tell me about the legend of John Sennet. Did you see his gold? Did you make a stick boat to float down the rapids?
  2. We’ve played a few games so far this week but tomorrow is democratic Friday where you get to vote on which game your group plays. What game are you hoping to play?
  3. Yesterday we went to jumping rock. Did you jump from the big jump, little jump, or hang out in the “pool” area?


  1. Your group went to Sennet’s hole yesterday. Did you float or shoot the shoot (rapids)? Or did you do both?
  2. On Thursday morning, a lot of campers worked on growth rings. What rings are you hoping to achieve? Did anyone make a fire?
  3. Today, your group played a Schoolhouse classic game called Windigo. What is the legend of the windigo? Who was dressed as the windigo? Can you describe how they looked? How did your group defeat the windigo?