July 24, 2020

Schoolhouse Camps 2020-2021

For as long as we could remember, there was a log pile just below the dam on the south side of the river at West Point on the Eno Park — home base of Schoolhouse of Wonder since 1989.

The pile grew a little or shrunk a little with each flood, but its existence was constant. So constant that it was actually written into our policies and procedures as the elevated vantage point for our River Pilot.

Imagine our surprise when that log pile vanished. The morning after the river retreated, a few of us stood on the familiar bank, coffee in hand, and quietly imagined the rain-swollen waters powerfully dislodging the twisted and tangled pile of logs that we had stood on hundreds of times to help ensure the safety of our campers and staff as they explored the Eno River. Of course it was possible that floodwaters could move that log pile, but it hadn’t occurred to us that it ever would.
Little did we know that stronger, deeper, and more disorienting floodwaters would come in the form of a global pandemic. And yet here we are.

Yearning to serve — to get back outside with your kids. For them, for you, and also for us.

But when we allowed ourselves to be quiet, to review the science, and the current circumstances in our Triangle communities, we knew that the next right thing for Schoolhouse is to stay still for a bit longer.

To that end, Schoolhouse will continue to hibernate through Spring 2021. We’re working now to pack up and move out of our office and then we’ll furlough our five remaining employees.

We’ll also post a brief FAQ that we hope will answer any lingering questions you may have about outstanding refunds, existing credits, and the like.

Please know, as we do, that this isn’t goodbye. Schoolhouse will be back. But there’s one thing we can’t do on our own and hope that you’ll be willing to help. We promise to hold on to a piece of the magic. Will you and your family do the same? Tell your favorite stories. Hike and play outside. Make up extraordinarily ridiculous would-you-rathers. Be as kind, curious, and confident as you can be. Make space for wonder.

Together we’ll take good care. And in the meantime, please stay safe and be well.

Gratitude and big love to each of you.