May 3, 2018

The Jason Davis Memorial Fund

Jason was a true lover of the great outdoors. He was an avid birder and naturalist and shared this passion with his friends and family. A hike with him helped inspire awe and curiosity about the wonders of nature – from the slipperiest salamander to the most beautiful wildflower. Jason also enjoyed camping and being able to truly immerse himself in the natural world. He embodied this spirit in his everyday life, living in ways respectful of the Earth and in pursuit of justice.

Jason loved the philosophy of School House of Wonder in striving to develop kind, curious and confident kids through nature-based outdoor adventures. His son loved Schoolhouse and definitely lived up to the guarantee of “dirty, happy, tired” at the end of each day. Jason appreciates how SHOW inspires children from all walks of life to find beauty and challenges in nature. Through this scholarship fund, kids who might not otherwise get to have this amazing opportunity will be able to do so.

To donate in Jason’s memory, please go to the Donations page on the Schoolhouse of Wonder website. Once on the page, you can select “Camp Scholarships.”  Please fill out information on your donation including marking your donation as “In Memory Of” which will then show a box where you can type in Jason’s name. All donations to the Camp Scholarship fund will go directly toward providing scholarships to help more kids get outside with Schoolhouse of Wonder.