July 12, 2017

Tracks and Trails Photo Gallery

We found plenty of tracks and trails exploring Brumley Forest this week. We discovered deer trails, raccoon tracks, scat, burrows, bones, and even some animals themselves! Our campers honed their skills through a few tracking challenges (and got to leave trails to follow as well)! Games were a big hit this week and campers ran, snuck, and hid in the forests and the fields. Our big finale of the week was a huge game of Six Feathers  – tails were pulled, feathers were stolen, and an amazing amount of kindness was shown by campers unfreezing each in very selfless ways. It was a warm week and the creek provided a great place to cool down and explore. Many versions of the dam were created, including one with a ‘massage chair’ in it! Overall, it was a great little week!