August 13, 2018

Turtle Photo Gallery

Although it was one of our wettest weeks yet, our Turtle campers had a great time whether they were in the forest, creeks, tents, or barn. During our drier times we played some classic Schoolhouse games like Beckon, Six Feathers and Kick the Can. In our wetter times, we played games like Poison Dart Frog, Beat Master, Little Sally Walker, and Down by the Banks. Campers also got to try their hand at different crafts like fortune tellers, god’s eyes, and friendship bracelets. Plenty of rain also meant plenty of fun in the (slightly higher) creek! Catching crayfish, skipping rocks, looking for other critters, building dams, and getting into some serious splash fights were just a few of the ways we enjoyed ourselves. While it was raining, campers got to hear plenty of storytelling from our staff including both fictional stories (Brer Rabbit, Penelope, Jack and his Pods) and true stories from our counselors’ lives. It was a wet one for sure, but also definitely a fun one!