June 25, 2018

Untamed Creators Photo Gallery

Our first week of the summer brought together a mad mashup of Untamed Creators. Our campers this week were busy creating all sorts of amazing things including boats, rafts, and kites. When we weren’t creating, games filled much of our time. Scout Mission, Windigo, and Werewolf were just a few of the games that challenged us to hide, sneak, scout, and run through the woods. Schoolhouse camp wouldn’t be complete without some great animal encounters and we had plenty! Crayfish, minnows, clams, mussels, insect larvae, and northern water snakes were just a few of the critters we found, observed, and touched. It was a great week full of creativity, patience, fun, and plenty of creation – check out our pictures to see just a few of the awesome moments we had!