My Counselor in Training Story

We’re collecting stories about Schoolhouse of Wonder to use in conjunction with our upcoming 30th anniversary. Could you share a story about your experience as a CIT? This could be:

  • why you decided to become a CIT (and why’re you’re glad you did!) 
  • the most valuable lesson (or lessons) you’ve learned as a CIT
  • how has Schoolhouse of Wonder helped you become your best self? Share an example (or several) 
  • what you’ve learned about your leadership style, and how Schoolhouse of Wonder helped you develop it
  • how you plan to live the Schoolhouse values in your everyday life 
  • how serving as a CIT will help you in the workforce or in pursuing your education 
  • based on your experience as a CIT, why you think Schoolhouse of Wonder’s programs are important (with examples!) 

Submit a story that’s at least 200 words and we’ll send you a free $5.00 off coupon for the Schoolhouse of Wonder Camp Store valid through September 30, 2019. One coupon per person.