Physical Activities Description: Field Staff

Below is a description of the physical demands common for our field staff including Junior Counselors, Counselors, Lead Counselors, Field Trip Instructors, Program Managers, and any other staff working in outdoor programs. If you have any questions about these, please contact us at


Physical Activities


Ascending or descending ladders, stairs, ramps, poles and the like.

Occasionally uses stairs and moves up and down uneven terrain on and off trail.

Moving self in different positions to accomplish tasks in various environments including tight and confined spaces.

Often moves and traverses in various indoor and outside environments, occasionally moves on uneven terrain on and off trail. Occasionally assists participants in moving and traversing on uneven terrain on and off trail. Never moves in tight and confined spaces. Occasionally moves and traverses in and across water up to waist-deep. Occasionally assists participants moving and traversing in and across water up to waist-deep.

Remaining in a stationary position, often standing or sitting for prolonged periods.

Occasionally remains stationary in both programs and office work.

Moving about to accomplish tasks or moving from one work site to another.

Constantly moves during programs to supervise group and lead activities. Occasionally moves during office work.

Adjusting or moving objects up to 40 pounds in all directions.

Occasionally moves and carries program supplies up to 40 pounds. Often moves and carries program supplies up to 20 pounds.

Communicating with others to exchange information.

Constantly communicates with participants and staff. Must be able to exchange information. Must be able to respond to auditory emergency signals (whistles, radios, etc).

Repeating motions that may include the wrists, hands and/or fingers.

Occasionally may operate a computer and other program and office equipment.

Operating machinery and/or power tools.


Operating motor vehicles or heavy equipment.


Assessing the accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of the work assigned.

Occasionally will need to assess and create written reports, program schedules, activity instructions, and emails.

Environmental Conditions­­­


Low temperatures.

Occasionally, often in March-May and September-November programs.

High temperatures.

Constantly from May-August.

Outdoor elements such as precipitation and wind.

Constantly in outdoor settings during programs, including precipitation and wind.

Noisy environments.

Occasionally during programs.

Hazardous conditions.


Poor ventilation.


Small and/or enclosed spaces.


No adverse environmental conditions expected.

Occasionally will be in adverse outdoor conditions including rain, wind, sun, snow, or other conditions.

Physical Demands 


Sedentary work that primarily involves sitting/standing.


Light work that includes moving objects up to 20 pounds.


Medium work that includes moving objects up to 50 pounds.


Heavy work that includes moving objects up to 100 pounds or more.



Nothing in this description restricts Schoolhouse’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities at any time. This description is subject to change at any time.