Orange Leadership Training FAQs

If you’re thinking about our Leadership Training program, please read through our Orange Leadership Training FAQs below.

If you still have questions, please feel free to call us at 919-477-2116 or email us.

Can my child become a CIT even if they are not yet 13 years old by the beginning of summer camp?

In order to participate in the CIT program, the child must turn 13 by August 31.

How many weeks of summer camp must my child participate in to be a CIT?

Once your child’s CIT application is accepted, you may sign them up for as little as one week of summer camp, or as many as a month!  The only requirement is that your child must attend and complete our CIT summer training day (usually held on a Sunday afternoon on May) before participating in summer camp as a CIT.

Can my child be a CIT during school break or track out camps, outside of the summer season?

We do reserve a limited number of CIT spots for our school break and track out camps. These are awarded on a first come, first serve basis, and the only requirement is that your child must have already participated as a CIT in our summer program (and therefore already completed CIT training).

Does my child need to have been a camper at Schoolhouse to participate in leadership training?

No! While many of our CITs have been Schoolhouse campers, CITs and Junior Counselors are not required to have attended Schoolhouse camps to apply.