Field Trip FAQs

You might have some some questions about planning a field trip with Schoolhouse of Wonder. Check out some Field Trip FAQs below. If you still have some wonderings, feel free to call us at 919-477-2116 or email us.

What happens if it rains on the day of our Field Trip?

Our Field Trips do take place completely outdoors, and we are happy to run Field Trips in a light rain if you and your students don’t mind. We ask that all teachers make sure their students come dressed appropriately for the weather. However, we are not able to run Field Trips in severe weather or thunderstorms. We will monitor the weather forecast closely leading up to the day of your Field Trip, and if the weather looks bad then we will contact you to discuss options, including rescheduling the Field Trip for the next available date.

How long will the Field Trip last? Is there any flexibility on this?

A typical Field Trip includes two of our 90 minute programs, a lunch break, and some storytelling at the end, totaling four hours. However, we are flexible on times and are able to shorten Field Trip programs depending on your needs.

Do you offer in-school Field Trips?

Our Field Trip programs are designed specifically around the historical and natural features of West Point on the Eno City Park. Although all of our Field Trip programs take place here at the park, occasionally we are able to create a custom in-school program for your students. Offerings for in-school Field Trips may be limited, and price may vary depending on the program, staffing required, and distance traveled by staff. Please contact our office if you wish to discuss program options.

Should we bring lunches for the students or is lunch provided? Where can we eat lunch at the park?

Schoolhouse does not provide lunch for Field Trips, so teachers should make arrangements for students to bring their own lunches. We highly recommend students also bring a water bottle. During a typical Field Trip, there will be a 30 minute lunch break at the large picnic shelter.

What will the schedule of the day be for our Field Trip?

A typical Schoolhouse Field Trip day will break down as follows (although we are flexible on start and end times):

9:30am to 11am: Group welcome and 1st program (Native Ways, Early American Life, Forest Ecosystems, River Ecosystems, Insect Adventures, or Eno Plant Walk)

11am to 11:30am: Lunch break at the large picnic shelter

11:30am to 1pm: 2nd program

1pm to 1:30pm: End of day celebration and farewell (storytelling and songs)

Where do field trips take place?

Our field trips take place at West Point on the Eno City Park (5101 N. Roxboro, Durham NC). This is made possible through our partnership with Durham Parks and Rec!